WHMCS CSF Unblocker Module

Core features...

Root not needed after installation
Root logins/passwords/keys are NOT kept by our module.
system(), fileperms(), posix_getpwuid(), fileowner(), filegroup() must be enabled on remote servers (if disabled, there is a workaround with customized php.ini)
No staff assistance
Your customers can unblock their IP via the Client Area directly
No limits
Have a big fleet of servers? No problem! One license covers all
No template modifications needed
You no longer need to mess with your current template codes to get the modules to show up on your WHMCS install. Our module utilizes module hooks to get the Menus to display seemlessly. 
Unblocking menu can be shown on the sidebar or the main content of the clientareaproductdetails page
CSF Cluster Mode support (New in version 4.3)
Control your master CSF node using this module with ease!
Central Firewall Portal (New in version 4.6)
If your client have multiple packages, they can goto the CFP and check for the firewall status.
External API functions
Let your resellers unblock IPs without logging into your client area


Module features...

No special modules needed
The module does not require any additiona PHP module to be installed
Multiple List Support
Search the Deny List, Temp Deny List and the Whitelist
Multiple Control Panel Support
The module doesn't work with just cPanel or DirectAdmin. The module is designed to work with any system that is web accessible. Your VPS or Dedicated server customer can use this module as well.
Standard hosting account & Reseller account support
Our build in search tool will allow your customer to auto detect the IP they are on or do a manual search (Reseller function)
Plus many more...